8 Tips for Writing a Bestselling Novel

Reading is one of the activities which allows you to get away from reality and dive into a different world. Reading books can help us to comprehend the world better and formulate ideas. Some books also provide us with quotes that impact us that we have them tattooed. They transport you to realms that you’ve never been to before, whether that’s the world of fantasy in Harry Potter or the world of heartbreak, such as the one in The Fault In Our Stars.

Many of us start our reading habit at the age of a child and, as we grow older, we’re not sure how to begin. It’s often a complex matter due to the number of lucifer available books. However, it is also essential to know how to start so that you can get into a passion for books and keep it going as time passes.

Nick Carraway tells the story, but it is about a mysterious wealthy man named Jay Gatsby. Jay has a fortune of a million dollars and is famous for his extravagant parties; however, the most exciting thing is that he doesn’t attend the events. That’s the story Nick finds out while getting to know the sister of his brother Daisy and her husband, Tom.

As the story progresses as the story unfolds, we learn that Gatsby was acquainted with Daisy from the beginning. When he first saw her, he was not making much money, and she wasn’t a typical wealthy girl. However, he still fell deeply in love, and becoming wealthy was a component of his goal to become an integral part of Daisy. The lavish events are an attempt to join the world of Daisy. Gatsby is more in love with Daisy than he loves her. He’s trying to get her to be a romantic. The question is, will the effort succeed? Do you think he will finally receive a return on his love?

Please make use of a hook, similar to media res, to draw your reader’s attention and keep them engaged with the narrative you’re telling. A successful novel starts with a solid beginning, and writers of fiction are in a great position in the decision to open their books. Pick the appropriate style and tone to establish the scene at the beginning, and readers will be there for the story’s duration.

It’s not simple to create the kind of twist that nobody would have anticipated but spending the time to come up with innovative approaches to traditional genre tropes is an excellent method to spice your writing. Beware of clichés and ideas recurrently used Utilizing creative writing exercises that help you think of innovative ways to write your tale. Continue to raise the stakes for your characters and build the action to a thrilling finale or satisfying event.

Accept the fact that you’re unlikely to succeed on the first attempt (especially in the case of your first novel). Rewrites allow you to get into the core of your book and make adjustments to any areas that aren’t working. Bringing your work to workshops or writing classes can help, as getting advice from an outsider (at your discretion) will help you improve your writing and take you to the next stage. Revising is about determining what your story requires and what it does not. Don’t be scared to drop concepts that don’t work to improve the flow of your account. Be sure that your arcs are brought to an end with a satisfying resolution (even if it’s not necessarily the end of the story yet).

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