Singapore – The Dazzling City of The Future


From its humble past as a small trading center, Singapore has fast evolved into an Asian economic powerhouse. It also takes second  Make your perfume Singapore position in ranking among the freest economies of the world. The city state, known as the Republic of Singapore is situated on the south of the Malaysian Peninsula, covering roughly 700 square kilometers punctuated by an ultramodern skyline. Its charming mix of modern and ancient culture, history and cultural diversity makes it one of the tourism hotspots in Asia. The rich mix of cultures is made up of the Malay people, Chinese, Indians and European immigrants among others.

Singapore is a developed economy with some of the best infrastructure and quality of life in Asia. In 2010, the International Finance Corporation and World Bank ranked Singapore first among 183 economies in their ease of doing business report. This means Singapore is set to become a bigger destination for business, which will further strengthen its economy.

Singapore Living

One of the defining characteristics of the Singaporean society is strict rules by which citizens must abide. In Singapore, a permit is required for group gatherings of five or more people. The penalty for overstaying your visa is three strokes of the cane and connecting to Wi-Fi internet without authorization can land you in jail.

Garden City

Rules aside, the city state is well known for its clean, neat streets, shimmering lights and awe inspiring features. Some of these are the manmade trees found in the Gardens by the Bay Park. These are imposing artificial trees that stand up to 50 meters high on about 250 acres of land. Made of concrete and steel rods, the trees are fitted with solar panels and are designed to catch rain water and grow hanging gardens at the top.

Singapore is also famous for its botanic gardens. These normally remain open from 5 am up to midnight. One of the gardens is the National the National Orchid Garden, which has a collection of 1,000 species of orchids and 2,000 hybrids.

Rich History

The Chinatown Heritage Centre is one of the places that showcase the Chinese part of Singapore’s cultural heritage. The center consists of three stories and 15 exhibition galleries that offer a fascinating glimpse into the Chinese immigrants’ life in the 19th and early 20th century. The restored ancient shop houses in this area are a total contrast to the gleaming skyscrapers a few blocks away. There is also a gift shop where you can pick souvenirs. Singapore’s cultural diversity is also reflected in its numerous Hindu Temples, Malay Mosques and other historic landmarks.

Shopper’s Paradise

When it comes to shopping, Singapore is a shopper’s paradise, with malls such as the Funan Digitalife and Sim Lim Square stocking an array of electronic goods that are 10% – 20% cheaper. You can also go shopping on the Haji Lane, a collection of narrow shops tucked away in the Muslim quarter. Here, there is a wide collection of fashion items such as designer perfumes, apparel and many more.

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